In 2010, created an entirely new look for itself and wanted to introduce the new, improved website to their users through an online advertising campaign and a microsite that provides a guided tour of the new design and features.

Catalysis was approached by Microsoft to design the microsite and the guided tour experience. We worked closely with MSN’s brand team to adhere to the new brand guidelines.

My Role:
My role was the Creative Director and UI/UX design lead. I came up with a few initial concepts for the microsite and worked closely with our development team to produce a microsite that helped feature and preview the new in a visually appealing, easy-to-use microsite.
The microsite helped users explore the new look and features. In the few months that the preview of the homepage was live, the local section grew to 5 million unique users. 
We designed, produced and sent out emails, encouraging users to explore the new
Landing page encouraging the users to preview the new
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