The AgriTech Toolbox enables researchers and policymakers to examine how alternative agricultural practices and technologies can impact farm yields, food prices, natural resource use, hunger, malnutrition, land use, and global trade. By selecting a country or region along with a technology, climate scenario, crop and water management practice – users can explore how key agricultural and food security parameters change over time. As a result, it can inform the right mix of policies and investments needed to tackle the challenges agriculture faces in the coming decades.
The clients are 2 nonprofit organizations, IFPRI and CGIAR. Both organizations' focus towards creating a world free of poverty, hunger and environmental degradation. The AgriTech Toolbox is built from the results of a multi-year IFPRI research project on the impacts of key agricultural technologies and practices in every major region and hundreds of countries around the globe. They approached us at Spatial Dev with the objective of creating a visualization and analysis tool.

My role:
I was part of the business development when responding to and interviewing for the RFP. When we won the project, I led the design portion of a one-day workshop with the stakeholders where I gathered the design requirements, the objectives and goals. I was then able to put together personas and a few options of what the experience could look like in the form of sketches.
I then put together some high-def wireframes, offering the clients to choose from 3 different directions. The chosen option was a hybrid of different elements of the 3 options.
I worked closely with the client in an iterative process to finalize the design of this web-based application. The resulting website allows the user to choose the parameters that they want to analyze and view. I worked with the organization's brand guidelines and styleguides to make sure that I adhere to the brand's guidelines.

Users are still using this interactive visualization tool to help them make agricultural decisions.
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